30 Hands Project w/z Paul Park

z Paul Park

Episode #2 with personal trainer Paul Park

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[ pH7 ]: What is your name and profession? 

Paul: Paul Park, a fitness professional, exercise/strength and conditioning coach.  We run a private training studio in NoMad, Manhattan for a couple years now, it’s still growing strong and super grateful for the opportunity to help people every day and being their best self.  

[ pH7 ]: Where do you live? 

Paul: I lives in Queens, New York and works in NoMad, Manhattan.  

[ pH7 ]: What is your routine in skin care and hand care? 

Paul: Not much, didn’t have much of a routine besides soap and taking a shower.  But started using the pH7 hand cream.

[ pH7 ]: What pH7 products have you tried and how was your experience with it?    

Paul: The hand cream is now a part of my routine.  My hands tend to get really dry and it’s helping me keep my hands from being scratchy.   

Paul's recommendation -  Plain Hand Cream (unscented)

[ pH7 ]: How do you add in wellness to your self-care routine, like mediation or baths?

Paul: Besides the obvious of training pretty hard and training my body, I feel good and proud of myself. I used to be really big on meditation but I haven’t had much time for it lately.  But really exercise is a big part of my life, becoming a better person for myself, my clients, my friends and family.  



[ pH7 ]: What’s your morning and night routines?

Paul: In the morning, I have a cup of coffee and banana.  I like to listen to audiobooks during the commute.  At night, I try to get healthy foods and lots of vegetables.  At night it’s winding down, I try to read a book.  I try to stay away from electronics and alcohol.  I don’t really drink that much.  Giving myself an opportunity to get a good night’s rest.  I do whatever that will help me get ready for the day and ready to sleep, as long as that’s going well, there’s no need to change things.       

[ pH7 ]: What is your diet like on a daily basis? 

Paul: I eat as clean as I can.  Right now I’m going through a bulking phase, I'm trying to put on some weight.  Higher fats, some “dirty food” and lots of natural foods.  Try to stay away from processed foods.  I try to eat food grown from the ground. 




[ pH7 ]: We did a story poll and the most requested topic is now that we are all in doors, what are some exercises you recommend for folks stuck indoors. 

Paul: There’s nothing as simple as body weight squats.  You can also do push-ups, if you can’t do it straight on, do it on your knees or on an incline, use the couch or kitchen sink.  You can get a lot from doing sit ups.  If you have bands, do some band work. Really just basic squats and pushups.  Also bundle up and go out for a nice long walk.     

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