30 Hands Project w/z Dr. Hava Rose

z Dr. Hava Rose


Episode #1 with Dr. Hava Rose

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[ ph7 ] : What is your name and profession? 

Hava : Hava Rose, a chiropractor, writer, community organizer

[ ph7 ] : Where do you live? 

H : Philadelphia, Write Echo workshops are virtual and accessible all over the world

[ ph7 ] : What is your routine in skin care and hand care? 

H : Currently a basic routine of a shower and moisturizer, I specifically love shea butter.  For face, I use argan oil and for hands I’ve been playing around with the pH7 product line.  In general a moisturizer and shea butter kind of girl.  Might have to ramp it up as it gets drier.   

[ ph7 ] : What pH7 products have you tried and how was your experience with it? 

H : So I’ve tried 3 of the products, the hand cream, the cuticle oil and the hand elixir.  I really like the hand cream because of the citrus essential oil notes. It’s really creamy and for someone who uses her hand all the time, it’s really nice.  Pre-covid, I used to get my nails done pretty regularly at an organic spot, I haven’t had a manicure since covid. I have noticed I have to take care of my hands a little more now without the help of regular manicures.  The cuticle oil I’ve been doing once a week, it’s like a spa day.  I have used the elixir twice because I have to remember to add an additional step.  I’ve enjoyed all of them, it all helps keep my hands not crusty.        

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[ ph7 ] : How do you add in wellness to your self-care routine, like mediation or baths?

H : It’s an essential part of my life, it became more prevalent in the pandemic.  I do my best to move my body daily, 4-5x a week, flowing and yoga.  I do like to read and write.  I do a weekly bath, with a face mask, a spa day for myself to feel replenished and taken cared of in a mental and physical way.

[ ph7 ] : What’s your morning and night routines?

H : My morning routine is very religious and ritualistic.  In the mornings I don’t open my phone until after my mediation in a separate room.  Sometimes I do breathe work, I tap into myself.  I affirm myself for the day, I write affirmations on a board for the day.  I usually take myself for a neighborhood walk without my phone for 20-30 minutes.  Getting in touch with mother nature in the city.  Then I come back for coffee and breakfast and open my phone.  I try to read and write for 10 minutes to ground the day.  

For nightly routine, it’s much less structured, I like to read before bed.  I like to be in bed before 11pm.  I like to read a fiction book, nothing too deep.  


[ ph7 ] : What is your go to favorite nail polish? 

H : My go-to are Essie, for my hands I like muted tones for hands.  For toes I like to get really funky.  Essie is the brand I have the most of. 


[ ph7 ] : What’s an interesting insight in what you do with your hands that you want to share with our audience? 

H : Not just from being a chiropractor, the hands are a healing tool and the power of touch is really powerful.  Those that use their hands in their hands builds a greater connection to what you are doing.  You are touching something to build something, it continues to keep you present.  We feel everything first through our hands.  The hands are really healing and I believe more of our world should use their hands to create, write or build, or touch things.